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Creating Jobs and Fixing the Economy

Sam is committed to fighting for families and small businesses to keep more of their hard-earned money. Sam firmly believes that we must control spending to reduce the deficit and that we must cut taxes, not raise them, to stimulate our economy. That is why he supports economic policies rooted in tax cuts, not spending increases. Put simply, we cannot spend more than we can afford, and we cannot place crippling debt on future generations. Among other measures, Sam’s reforms would include creating enforceable spending caps for the federal budget as a way to begin to control federal spending.

Sam was the first Connecticut candidate for federal office to sign the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  See more information about the pledge here.


Reforming Washington

Washington is broken, but Sam is determined to fix it with reforms such as term limits, a ban on earmarks and campaign finance reform. His enthusiasm for these reforms is born from seeing how power can corrupt and from hearing the voices of countless citizens who are frustrated with government’s lack of responsiveness to their needs and concerns. Sam is committed to making these reforms and others because changing the system will make it easier to enact policies that will make life better for the people of Connecticut. See Sam’s plan for reforming government by clicking here.


Making Health Care Accessible and Affordable

Sam believes that we can and must make health care more affordable and accessible – but we can and must do so without growing the size of government. Sam is a strong advocate of using tax policy to achieve these goals, instead of creating new bureaucracies that we cannot afford. Among other things, Sam supports offering small businesses a refundable tax credit in order to make it more affordable for them to provide health insurance for their employees. Sam supports health care policies that empower patients, not the government. He became the first candidate in Connecticut to sign the Repeal It! pledge, promising to repeal any federal government takeover of health care once in Congress.


Defending our Nation

Sam is committed to defending our nation from enemies at home and abroad. He believes we must make every effort to protect our borders, our cities, our transportation, and our citizens. Cutting defense spending for the sake of pursuing ill advised health care legislation, for example, should not be an option. Sam opposed the Obama Administration’s decision to end the F-22 program, not just because it meant losing Connecticut jobs, but because the military said it was needed.


Improving Education

Children are slipping through the cracks in an education system where our national graduation rate is only 70%, and Sam understands what it will take to begin fixing this system. Throwing more money at the system without fixing its inherent problems is not the solution. We must look to innovative approaches to solving these problems, and allow states the flexibility to pursue solutions that work for them – education policies are best made at the local level, not by Washington bureaucrats. Sam would support federal legislation to reform No Child Left Behind to give state and local governments more flexibility in meeting education goals and setting education policy.


Reducing Energy Costs and Preserving our Environment

Sam is committed to pursuing alternative sources of energy that will allow us to preserve our environment without bankrupting families and businesses. As relentless innovators, Americans have worked tirelessly in the past several decades to create and promote green technologies that can help us become better stewards of our natural resources. Many of these technologies may also reduce energy costs for families and businesses, in addition to reducing emission levels. We must make good use of these innovations, but not at the risk of taxing our businesses out of being competitive which would drive up the costs of our basic goods and services. Sam would have voted against the so-called Cap and Trade bill that passed the House of Representatives earlier this year because it would dramatically increase the cost of doing businesses, and therefore burden families with the additional cost of heating our homes, driving our cars, and putting food on the table. Sam is a strong advocate of using tax policy to create economic incentives for lowering emissions, not increasing taxes for families and businesses.


The United States and Israel: A Critical Alliance

The importance of a strong and unwavering relationship between the United States and Israel cannot be overstated.  It is our moral imperative to support Israel’s right to defend itself, and it is in our strategic best interest to preserve and strengthen the United States’ relationship with Israel.  Our shared cultural values of democracy, human rights and individual freedom, and our strong economic ties, make the relationship between the United States and Israel one of the highest order.  Our policies as a nation must reflect this reality.

As a Member of Congress, I would vigorously support legislation and policies that advance our commitment to preserving Israel’s national security, economic vitality, and independence.  While there are many ways that I would do so, I would be especially focused on the following four key action items: (click here to read the rest of Sam’s position paper)


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