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Caligiuri Says New Stimulus Proposal is the ‘Wrong Way’ to Grow the Economy

Calls on Murphy to Oppose $50 Billion Stimulus Bill Waterbury, CT – Today Sam Caligiuri, Republican Nominee for Congress (CT-5), criticized President Obama’s proposal to create yet another stimulus package, and called on Representative Chris Murphy to reject the measure in Congress. “This latest ‘stimulus’ package is the wrong way to stimulate the economy, and [...]


Waterbury, CT – Just-released poll numbers show that Sam Caligiuri is well positioned to win in November.

Today the Caligiuri Campaign released poll results showing that Sam Caligiuri, the Republican Nominee for Congress (CT-5), is a single point behind Chris Murphy. This amounts to a statistical tie. In a head-to-head matchup, 39% of respondents favored Caligiuri while 40% favored Murphy. This represents a huge gain for Caligiuri and a significant loss for Murphy, as Murphy was leading Caligiuri 49% to 28% in an October 2009 poll conducted by the same firm.

Adam Geller, the nationally recognized pollster whose company, National Research, Inc., conducted the poll notes that polling under 50% “bodes poorly” for an incumbent, and Murphy is under 45%. “All of the evidence points to an incumbent who is losing steam, and a challenger who has essentially closed the gap,” said Geller. He added that Caligiuri “tied the score at the end of the 3rd quarter” and has “all the momentum heading into the fourth quarter.”

Labor Day Statement

Waterbury, CT – “This Labor Day, we honor the men and women of our great American workforce. But when our District has over 38,000 unemployed residents , it is clear that the policies of Chris Murphy and Nancy Pelosi are not honoring – and not working – for residents in Connecticut,” said Sam Caligiuri, Republican Nominee for Congress (CT-5). “We have an abundance of talented, industrious workers in Connecticut and across the country. They are the strength of our economy. It is shameful so many are unemployed as a direct result of this Congress’ persistence in making it incredibly difficult for the private sector to create jobs, and Chris Murphy’s steadfast support of those policies. The key to success in the next Congress will be reversing Nancy Pelosi’s tax-and-spend policies which will reduce the tax burdens on families and businesses. This is what I would fight for in Congress – it is the only time-tested way to grow the economy and create jobs.”

Race of the Day: Battle in the Nutmeg State

by Brian Walsh, from

Chris Murphy could very well be the victim of his own fortune on November 2nd. Riding high on the waves of the anti-status quo sentiment that swept him into office in 2006, he also held on to his seat in 2008 thanks to Obama fever. But Americans have woken up to the disastrous policies of this Congress and Administration and once again are hungry for change—and that spells trouble for Murphy. As his opponent, Sam Caliguiri, puts into motion a calculated campaign, Murphy may find himself, for the first time, out of luck.

Independent Party of Connecticut Endorses Caligiuri

“The Independent Party is proud to endorse Sam Caligiuri’s candidacy. This Congress has promoted policies of over-taxation and over-regulation. Sam will help combat this agenda by fighting for individual freedoms and supporting our free market economy. He has a proven track record of being an independent voice and has stood up to political pressure to do what is best for the taxpayers, which paints a stark contrast to Chris Murphy’s lockstep support of Nancy Pelosi’s policies,” said Dr. Robert Fand, an agent of the Independent Party and moderator of the Caucus where Caligiuri was endorsed. “It is Sam’s record as an independent voice and a proven fiscal conservative that resonates with Independents throughout our District.”

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the Independent Party of Connecticut, and I appreciate their work to engage voters who want to correct the course our nation is on, but who may not identify strictly with one party or another. I am eager to offer independent voters a better way forward to a thriving economy,” said Caligiuri.

Caligiuri Ties Dismal Economic Growth to the Murphy-Pelosi Agenda

Waterbury, CT – Sam Caligiuri, Republican Nominee for Congress in Connecticut’s Fifth District, links Democratic incumbent Chris Murphy’s support for Pelosi’s agenda to the dismal economic growth the government is now reporting. Initial reports issued last month showed an already bleak 2.4% growth in gross domestic product for the second quarter of 2010, but today [...]

Caligiuri Captures Three-Way GOP Congressional 5th District Primary

State Sen. Sam Caligiuri (R-Waterbury) captured a three-way primary for the GOP nomination in the Fifth Congressional District Tuesday, saying that this fall his race with two-term Democratic incumbent Chris Murphy of Cheshire will focus on “competing visions” regarding their positions on economic stimulus, health-care reform and achieving energy independence.

BREAKING NEWS: Sam Wins the Republican Primary!

Caligiuri wasted no time in telling supporters that his campaign is coming out of the gate swinging.
“This race is not about personalities – it is about issues. Our nation is facing unprecedented unemployment and a surging national deficit, but Murphy still supports unaffordable policies like public option health care and additional stimulus packages. Murphy is trying to tackle our biggest problems by growing the size and cost of government in his support of the Pelosi-Obama agenda. There is a better way to tackle these problems. Growing our economy means cutting taxes and spending across the board. At a time when families and businesses are struggling to stay afloat, we need leaders who understand that fewer tax burdens are what will get our economy back on the right track. My campaign will focus on presenting voters with the better solutions to our problems, and keeping government out of the way so that the private sector can begin creating jobs and we can make our way out of this recession. I look forward to taking this message to voters along the campaign trail.”

Connecticut Pro-Life Leader Peter Wolfgang Endorses Sam Caligiuri

“Pro-life and pro-family Republicans in the 5th District—my district—have a historic opportunity to elect to Congress the candidate we have been waiting for: Sam Caligiuri. As a State Senator, Sam stood up for marriage and the family—and won the respect of a state GOP that has not always been friendly to our values. A man of honor, integrity and fortitude, Sam is the best chance we have had in over 20 years to elect a Congressman from Connecticut who speaks for us,” Wolfgang said. “On Tuesday, August 10th I urge every Republican in our district to vote for the only candidate who has a proven record on family issues and the ability to defeat anti-family incumbent Chris Murphy: Sam Caligiuri.”

Caligiuri Earns National Endorsement from Business-Industry Organization

In a letter to Caligiuri, BIPAC President and CEO Gregory Casey told Sam that, “Whether one lives in Danbury or Waterbury, or in the older factory towns or communities populated by corporate executives, everyone worries about how to balance a family budget in an uncertain job market. You are a fiscal reformer who brings fiscal common sense and accountability to a deficit dependent Congress. Your commitment to job growth is not based on happy talk or whimsical promises but on sober conversations with voters who just want someone to level with them. We know you will be a strong voice for economic prosperity in the 112th Congress.”

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