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BREAKING NEWS: Caligiuri Wins Republican Nomination with 67% of the Vote!

“This is a very humbling moment for me, my campaign, and my supporters. I have enjoyed the spirited race for the Republican nomination, and I appreciate the process each of the delegates went through to make their decision. While I have been taking the fight right to Chris Murphy from the beginning of my campaign, I am thrilled to be able to continue this fight as the Republican nominee to face Congressman Murphy in November. There is no greater task than enacting a pro-jobs economic policy and restoring fiscal responsibility to Washington. Chris Murphy and Nancy Pelosi have been advancing the wrong policies for the Fifth District and our state, and I look forward to listening to and sharing my vision for a brighter future with voters throughout the District,” said Caligiuri.

Thomaston Leaders Endorse Caligiuri

In advance of the May 21 Republican convention, Sam Caligiuri’s Congressional Campaign (CT-05) announces today that Thomaston State Representative John Piscopo and Republican Town Committee Chairman George Seabourne have announced their endorsement of Caligiuri’s candidacy. Both are delegates to the Republican convention. Piscopo and Seabourne join First Selectman Ed Mone and State Senator Rob Kane in endorsing Caligiuri. Thomaston delegate Steve Turner has also committed to voting for Caligiuri at the convention.

State Senator Rob Kane and State Representative Arthur O’Neill Endorse Caligiuri

Waterbury, CT – Today the Caligiuri campaign announces that State Senator Rob Kane and State Representative Arthur O’Neill have endorsed Caligiuri’s candidacy for Congress in the Fifth District race. Sam has now earned the endorsements from each Republican State Senator representing towns in the Fifth District, and 13 of the 15 Republican State Representatives. Senator Kane represents the towns of Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Middlebury, Oxford, Roxbury, Seymour, Southbury, Thomaston and Woodbury. Representative O’Neill represents Bridgewater, Roxbury, Southbury and Washington. Kane and O’Neill are also delegates to the Republican convention on May 21.

New Britain and New Milford RTC Chairs Endorse Caligiuri

New Britain RTC Chair Dwight Blint praised Sam’s ability to win in a heavily democratic district. “In New Britain, we know how difficult it is to win when the registration is stacked against you. Sam has done that time and time again in his State Senate district, and that is what we will need to win in November – broad appeal to unaffiliated voters and even democrats. I am proud to support his nomination as our strongest candidate,” said Blint, who is in his first term as Chairman.

Roger Szendy, New Milford RTC Chair, also focused on Caligiuri’s record as a proven winner. “All of the candidates in this race are on the same page about the need for fiscal responsibility, and bringing the much needed change to Washington. But only one candidate has ever run – and won – a race. Only one candidate has a record on the issues that gives him real credibility. That candidate is Sam. When looking at what we need in our nominee, the ability to win is what ultimately matters, and Sam has proven that ability time and time again,” said Szendy. This is Szendy’s first term as Chairman of the New Milford RTC, although he has been a member for 18 years. He has also served on the New Milford Town Council for the past ten years.

Bethlehem First Selectman Jeff Hamel Endorses Caligiuri

“Like so many people, I was incredibly impressed by Sam’s leadership when he took the reins in Waterbury in the midst of a very dark time for that city. Since then, he has continued to be a strong advocate for his constituents in the State Senate, and makes the right decisions for his taxpayers. I know he will represent us well in Congress,” said Hamel.

Cheshire Republican Town Committee Unanimously Endorses Caligiuri

The Republican Town Committee and Superdelegate endorsements Caligiuri has earned to date represent more delegates to the convention than any other candidate in this race.

Chairman of the Cheshire Town Council Tim Slocum made the motion to nominate Caligiuri. Cheshire sends fourteen delegates to the Republican convention in May.

“Sam has been a stalwart supporter of Cheshire in the State Senate and we are confident he will be an excellent Congressman for the entire Fifth District. We are unanimous in supporting his candidacy,” said Cheshire Republican Town Committee Chairman Adam Grippo.

Thomaston First Selectman Ed Mone Endorses Caligiuri

“I am proud to endorse Sam. He has proven himself to be an honorable man who understands the needs of people at the local level. As a Member of the Board of Aldermen then as Acting Mayor of Waterbury, and currently as a State Senator, he has championed the fiscal responsibility we need and term limits as a means to rid government of career politicians. He is not afraid to stand alone for what is right, regardless of political consequences. These characteristics and ideas are just what we need in Washington,” said Thomaston First Selectman Ed Mone.

Southeast Corner (including Greater Waterbury)

Bethlehem, Cheshire, Meriden, Middlebury, Plymouth, Thomaston, Waterbury, Watertown, Wolcott, & Woodbury

Middlebury Republican Town Committee Unanimously Endorses Caligiuri

“Our town committee is unanimous and emphatic in endorsing Sam. We are confident that as a Member of Congress, he will deliver a strong message of fiscal discipline, integrity, and common sense. We need leaders like Sam who understand the issues facing our government today, and who are willing to take a stand against the current stream of fiscal irresponsibility. He is the only proven winner in this race, and the candidate with the strength to win in November,” said Middlebury Republican Town Committee Chairwoman Rita Smith.

Watertown Republicans Endorse Sam Caligiuri

“The Watertown RTC believes that Sam represents the very best our party has to offer, and we are eager to support him. We are ready to get to work on the ground to ensure he is the Republican nominee, and that he is ultimately elected in November,” said Rosalie Loughran, Chair of the Watertown Republican Town Committee.

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